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Yes we a 501c3 Non Profit and approved in the State of Florida for Donation Solicitation.
Yes we are a 501c3 when donating please ask for a donation receipt.
We believe in COMPLETE transparentcy as we get donations we will be posting on our social feeds and on the site where all the money or donations are being used. We do not pressure the requestors of donations to take photos of them receiving items. We believe that is not need for espacially when you are already down to put a camera in their face. If they choose to share their journey we will post it with their words and images provided.  At events or fundraisers we will post images with permission and discretion of the attendees.  Once we have our 501c3 we will be posting financial data for the public

It started with two of the founders standing in line at a location and a gentlemen named Bob from New York asking Alex about the Just Inspire Others. He expressed that he has a non profit also in NY that does almost the same as we do. He said "You should start a movement that is great name and there is so many of us doing many things in many states to help others." So before you knew it after a meeting the Just Inspire Others Movement was born.   WE know there is so much good in this world if we can Inspire just one person to do something good the next person will remember that and hopefully help the next person on day.

If you have an emergency of medical or law enforcement please contact 911. 

We are NOT an emergency responder, medical facility, or law enforcement.  We can assist with clothing or with resources availble at the time which vary from time to time.