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I was robbed leaving the bank with my fixed income to pay my bills. I called many "resources" in my areas for rent assistance and noone could help me or they had no funding. Via one of my friends she put me in contact with one of the founders. There is not enough words to express how fast they assited me and treated me with the upmost kindness. Thanks to them I have a roof over my head.

Carmen A.


When a teacher needed a TV to make it easier for his students, Our Miami Area Co- Founder jumped into action was able to supply them with a donated lightly used 50 in tv within a matter of a day.

School Needing Gear

Electronic Donations

2 weeks ago one of our founders heard about a breeder that was going to put down 4 angel babies how we call them here. The co-founder called them and placed one of the pups on hold to find her a home. Little did she know that the founder and co founder would be the new family of this amazing pup. They named her Harley Quinn C. and is one of the Inspiring Mascot Pets of the foundation.

Pet Rescue

Miami and Main

Recently me and my spouse had a disagreement had to leave our home 4 kids and myself. We needed food , clothes, and other items. I called every place for assistance we slept in the car for the night in safe place made it fun so the kiddos like a camping trip. The next morning via a family member they put me in touch with one of the founders. Her first words were to me were "Are you ok and are you safe" . She asked for everything I needed within a matter of hours she had found me resources, food donation, and clothing. I was out of her areas but it did not matter to her. Her concern was to make sure we were ok.

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We believe when someone or others need help and we have the resources we are there - Our Tampa chapter with combined efforts to helped raise funds to be able to assist with clothing , food, and medical visit bills. Let's help everyone if possible

Chapter helping others

Tampa-Clearwater Team

Everyday one of our founder's Alex drives around town and speaks to the homeless individuals in the area. She ask them what do you need? I cannot provide shelter but if we have in our storage she will go get it and bring it to them. Most of the time she carries bottle water and bags of clothes in the car with her. She expresses to everyone I will try to stop by once a week or more when I have items your size or needs. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories we hear. The biggest misconception is for being homeless they are not willing to work or try to help themselves. Reality some of them cannot afford a rent in the areas some have traveled from county to county even different states trying to find a place to call home some just want a place to shower, eat, and mainly rest at night.

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